Wind power systems

With improved flight stability under windy conditions as well as a gimbal installed on the top of the aircraft, inspections of wind power systems can reveal damage even in the range of only a few millimetres.


  • Rotor blades;
  • Heated rotor blades using thermal imaging
  • Masts, inside and outside;
  • Hub;
  • Nacelle;
  • Damage and corrosion;


  • Professional, reliable software;
  • The dual gimbal system enables us to perform two work steps in one;
  • Collision avoidance forwards, downwards and upwards
  • Camera systems with state-of-the-art equipment;
  • GPS programmed flights with positioning accuracy down to the centimetre are possible;
  • 3-4 times faster than conventional methods of inspection;
  • Less time and effort for inspection work;
  • Flexible and cost-effective deployment;
  • No safety risks for inspection personnel;
  • Real time image transmission for immediate analysis;
  • Closeups in high quality;
  • Dual control system for even more safety;
  • 7-day emergency service;