Inspection of solar and photovoltaic systems

  • Cell faults;
  • Hail and lightening damage;
  • Temporary shadowing;
  • Production faults;
  • Faulty bypass diodes;


  • Fast fault detection;
  • Fast, safe and effective;
  • Live transmission as well as storage of image data;
  • The dual gimbal system enables us to perform two work steps in one;
  • GPS programmed flights are possible with positioning accuracy down to the centimetre;
  • Cost minimization for care and maintenance;
  • Immediate operational readiness – even during ongoing operations;
  • No immediate impairment for land and waterborne traffic;
  • Minimization of hazards for personnel as well as person in the vicinity;
  • Minimization of safety and liability risks;
  • Flexibility through use of different camera systems (e.g. thermal imaging cameras);
  • Documentation of damage and cases of contamination, fast and repeatable any number of times;
  • 7-day emergency service;

Equipped with a zoom and thermal imaging camera, rescue workers can search for missing people even in remote areas and plan rescue operations accordingly.

We can help with:

  • Finding people;
  • Firefighting;