High and low-voltage lines

Precise and reliable systems make safe inspection of extensive power line networks possible from a distance.


  • Damaged insulators;
  • Corrosion;
  • Cable inspection;
  • Storm damage;
  • Inspection with thermal imaging;

Advantages of drone inspection compared to other methods:

  • No power line shutdown required;
  • Checking for de-energized lines, earthing and securing against being switched on again are omitted;
  • The dual gimbal system enables us to perform two work steps in one;
  • Time and effort for coordination with network management is omitted;
  • Increased network safety and availability;
  • No climbing of masts required;
  • The accident risk is minimized;
  • Installation of climbing systems is omitted;
  • Accessibility is ensured at all times even in the most difficult terrain;
  • Fast deployment and low job preparation effort;
  • Cost savings especially because the deployment of helicopters is cost intensive;
  • GPS programmed flights are possible with positioning accuracy down to the centimetre;
  • Additional protection in case of magnetic fields using our D-RTK system with ground station;
  • 7-day emergency service;