Multi-spectral photos

Multi-spectral cameras allow various different values to be determined, which can then be followed up by efficient means of treatment. Plant health can be influenced by various factors. Lack of nutrition is just as visible as inadequate irrigation. Pest infestation, such as by bark beetles in spruce forests, is determined based on light-spectrum deviations in the tree crowns.
The sensors in conventional cameras – just like the human eye – only capture the wavelengths of the colours red, green and blue. Multi-spectral cameras can show at least the NIR band (near infrared) as well and typically have one sensor with a lens per band in order to capture the respective wavelength range as accurately as possible.

Slantrange 3PX

  • Finding bark beetles
  • Improved harvest prognosis
  • Detection of weed growth for more precise application of herbicides
  • Measurement of plant health for more efficient use of nutrients

The camera for multi-spectral analysis