Bridges and concrete structures

With the upwards oriented gimbal, pilots can inspect bridges with no difficulty and provide relief for maintenance personnel. This saves not only costs, but also improves public safety and infrastructure quality.

Visual inspections:

  • Supporting structures and pillars
  • Crack photos;
  • Detection of cavities and spalling
  • Evaluation and assessment of current supporting structure condition;
  • Photos of moisture damage;

Advantages of drone inspection compared to other methods:

  • Professional, reliable software;
  • Collision avoidance forwards, downwards and upwards
  • The dual gimbal system enables us to perform two work steps in one;
  • Camera systems with state-of-the-art equipment;
  • GPS programmed flights are possible;
  • 3-4 times faster than conventional methods of inspection;
  • Less time and effort for inspection work;
  • Flexible and cost-effective deployment;
  • No safety risks for inspection personnel;
  • Real time image transmission for immediate analysis;
  • Closeups in high quality;
  • Dual control system for even more safety;
  • 7-day emergency service;